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Converting Splunk Instance from Windows to Linux


Hello All,

I'm attempting to convert a splunk instance from windows to Linux but am having a hard time understanding the process fully.

These are the steps

Windows has splunk 7.2.5 with ITSI installed. I've used 7zip to tar the splunk home dir to a file called splunk.tar.gz

Am I supposed to have splunk installed on Linux at 7.2.5? The same way you would for any instillation and then copy over the splunk.tar.gz from the windows server... Then extract it's content over the Linux out of the box 7.2.5 Linux instance?

Or am I supposed to copy extract the windows splunk.tar.gz file to opt/splunk location and then Install splunk 7.2.5?

Trying to extract the splunk.tar.gz file in Linux works to put the bits in the /opt/splunk location so at first glance everything looks fine...but if you go to try and run "splunk start" from the bin directory it tells you "splunk start" isn't a know command.

So somewhere down the line I'm getting this fairly easy process confused. Can someone please spin me in the right direction, what am I doing wrong? What's out of sequence?



Edit: sooo I see I missed step 3, that details installing splunk on the Linux node.


What's really confusing here is it doesn't tell you that you have to grab pieces of the windows install to copy over top of the Linux dirs.. 

My assumption was you copy the entire windows home directory overtop or to /opt/splunk in Linux... And that's doesn't appear to be the case. The instructions are not clear here and that's where there's confusion

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