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Hello, I am trying to integrate chatgpt with my dashboard and I am using OpenAPI add on. I am getting the following error code:

"HTTP 404 Not Found -- Could not find object id=TA-openai-api:org_id_default:
cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object"


Can anyone help me with this?

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That error implies that your OpenAPI Org Id was not configured properly during the setup of the ChatGPT 4 Splunk app.


 This app expects to find this info within Splunk's built-in password storage (where it was stored during the setup of this TA)

Here's the python code behind the search command: ChatGPT-4-Splunk/TA-openai-api/bin/openai.py at main · bentleymi/ChatGPT-4-Splunk · GitHub


Also, @jkat54 is the author of that particular app.  Just tagging them here if they have any additional suggestions.  See also their session at .conf23.

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Thanks for the tag.

Yeah there is some confusion with the latest release because we added the ability to set default api key as well as others and they way we implemented it is causing the issue. 

Basically we need users to enter a default ORG and default KEY but wanted to give them the option to add others as well and yeah I need to rework the setup page.

The screenshots under installation section on GitHub should help clarify



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