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Hi, I have made a an app that generate an lookup csv-file. The saved search are running good, file generated in lookups-folder. lookup table file made global. Lookup definition is made global, and the automatic lookup is also made global in the app. All config are saved in the default folder and pushed out with our SH deployer. When enabling the automatic lookup for my source in props.conf I get an error when searching: "Could Not Load lookup" from my indexer peers.

If i do the exact same thing in the web UI, config then saved in "local" - I do not see the same errror. 

When doing manual lookup in SPL "| lookup gamecatalog_lookup id as NtGameId OUTPUTNEW name status vendor gameStudio"  - results in error "Streamed search execute failed because: Error in 'lookup' command: Could not construct lookup"

But when I do the sam search and add local=true the search finishes just fine and to the extraction. 

What am I missing? I should be able to push automatic lookups with my own app? all permissions and sharing are global and everyone has read. 

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