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App DB Connect - DB Input gets disabled after connection failures although auto_disable = false



The database connection gets disabled after some connection failures - done for normal periodic db maintenance - although the auto_disable has been set to "false". The later was supposed to stop the auto-disabling.

App DB Connect vrs is 2.4

the DB Input entry is shown below - (Zs used for covering some private content):




connection = ORA_LIVE
description = zzzzz
enable_query_wrapping = 1
index = db_oracle
input_timestamp_column_fullname = (003) NULL.SYSTEM_START_TIME.DATE
input_timestamp_column_name = SYSTEM_START_TIME
interval = 60
max_rows = 10000
mode = tail
output_timestamp_format = yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
query = zzzzz
source = zzzzz
sourcetype = oracle:fcc:audit
tail_rising_column_checkpoint_value = 61393439
tail_rising_column_fullname = (001) NULL.SEQUENCE_NO.NUMBER
tail_rising_column_name = SEQUENCE_NO
ui_query_catalog = NULL
ui_query_mode = advanced
ui_query_schema = ZZZZZ
ui_query_table = ZZZZZ
auto_disable = false
disabled = 0




Can someone advise how to keep the DB Input enabled whatever the number of failures ?

best regards

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