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issue : unable to see how to hide password in S3 example script

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Hi ,
I am new and trying to write setup page through modular input where we need to communicate with server .for userid/password
Referring S3 example from below splunk document.

Need help to understand the procedure how we are hiding password in this S3 example .
want to avoid displaying text password..

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You can use the secure storage endpoint to store passwords securely. See the following blog post: https://www.splunk.com/blog/2011/03/15/storing-encrypted-credentials.html

This is a little tricky because to make it work you need to:

  1. Change the modular input to load the password from secure storage
  2. Change the UI so that it loads and saves the password from/to secure storage

Change the modular input to load the password from secure storage

I wrote a modular input wrapper library that includes functions for accessing secure storage (see https://bit.ly/2GK0VQv). I use this in the Website Input app (see the use of get_secure_password in https://github.com/LukeMurphey/splunk-web-input/blob/master/src/bin/web_input.py).

Change the UI so that it loads and saves the password from/to secure storage

I wrote some modules that make this a little easier, see https://bit.ly/2J57v6X. That project includes a module named secure_password_storage which helps users make a custom manager page which loads and saves the password securely.

See an example here: https://github.com/LukeMurphey/splunk-web-input/blob/master/src/default/data/ui/manager/data_inputs_...

Unfortunately, apps with a custom input page will be rejected by app-inspect and thus cannot be installed on Splunk Cloud (since app-inspect incorrectly thinks that a custom input page is a deprecated technology called advanced XML). Of course, your app will be rejected if you store passwords without secure storage and thus you are stuck either way.

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I am unable to open this link ( error page not found )
where we can get web_input.py ?

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The links should all work now.

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