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What provides data to inputlookup:system_version_tracker

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I'm trying to figure out what provides data to the inputlookup:systemversiontracker for ES. Currently its only populating linux machine information, but I am running the ta_windows add-on which I assumed would put data in here but its not populating with windows info.

Just wondering which add-on would generate data that would get piped into this lookup


Re: What provides data to inputlookup:system_version_tracker

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


It appears that for the windows addon there are some missing tags to populate information to this lookup.

On a customers site i enabled the following input:

disabled = 0

and added the following configuration to SplunkTAwindows/local/tags.conf

system = enabled
version = enabled

I then re-ran the lookup generator(or just wait for a while) and the dashboard loaded fine with windows and linux devices populated.


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