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The 'description' field is not displaying anywhere on Threat Intelligence dashboard from 'local_domain_intel' lookup. Where will it be populated on the dashboard?

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We have integrated our Splunk add-on with Splunk Enterprise Security (Threat Intelligence) where we have scheduled a saved-search running every hour and populate data in Threat Intelligence lookups. (i.e. local_ip_intel, local_domain_intel, etc)

In local_domain_intel lookup, we have default fields like "description, domain, and weight". We have mapped IOCs in domain field which is correctly populating on Threat Intelligence > Threat Artifacts dashboard. However, the description field is not displaying anywhere on the dashboard.

The Reason to do this: If multiple apps are integrated with Threat Intelligence dashboard and IOCs are coming from different apps, a customer wants to identify which IOCs are coming from their portal. So, how can we use description field from the lookup? And where will it be populated on the dashboard?

Any solution or suggestion for the issue will be appreciated.

Nisarg Soni

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Have you tried modifying the threat intel dashboard to meet your requirements?

If not, then this is more of a feature request and not much anyone here can help with.

That is unless you do want to modify the dashboard.

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