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Subsearch results not matching special characters

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I'm trying to match email events which may consists of alphabets, numbers and special characters and do a count of the sender. However, those subjects with special characters (i.e. @, ", :, ]) is not picked up although its matching the subsearch condition. Anyone has any idea how to go about matching all character instances? Thanks!

index="A" sourcetype="A1" 
| search 
    [| search index="A" sourcetype="A1" subjects="[xxx]*" 
    | rex field=subjects "((?:\[.*\]\s+)(?<NewEmailSubject>(?:.*)))" 
    | eval subjects=NewEmailSubject
    | eval recipient=sender 
    | table subjects, recipient] 
  | stats values(subject) as subjects count by sender    
  | table sender, subjects, count
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can you give a sample or two of data that is failing?

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Oh sure! Some subjects sample:
1. Email Received @hotmail
2. [Hi!] FYA: 'Free' Ticket

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