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Hello guys,

We are using SH Clustering with Eneterprise SEcurity with F5 Load balancer. We have a requirement from our SOC team to display the dashboard on the TV - 24/7 so that they can monitor it continuously. Our users are connected through LDAP. I am aware off the setting - ui_inactivity_timeout in web.conf to zero so that it will never expires.

  1. We want to create only for one generic_user (soc_anaylsts) which is in the AD.
  2. If we have to create the user locally in the SH, will it work as we have a Load balancer and as far as i know, it will create only on one SH not on all.

Pls help

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@sir_lamneth - thanks for EmbedScheduledreports. Let me test this in our environment and will let you know.

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I have tried that script, for some reason its not working for me. May be is it because, it may have written for an older version of browser/splunk version?

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If you want to create a non-LDAP user, then you can do this in a Cluster. If you follow these instructions, then it will get replicated across the Cluster:


Another option is to embed the Report or Dashboard within another site.



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