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Splunk Telecommunication App to ingest RADIUS Account START|STOP record

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Hi there,

I have a scenario that we are trying to design for a Telco to improve on overall IP/MSISDN subscriber reputation with Executive Summary or reporting.

a. For 2G/3G/4G mobile networks, subscriber ID = MSISDN – using SGSN, GGSN & HLR.
i. An MSISDN is the number associated with a SIM card
ii. Usually stored in Calling-Station-Id RADIUS attribute

b. For ADSL networks, subscriber ID = ADSL modem login – using the DSLAM & HLR
i. The login ID uniquely identifies the ADSL connection
ii. Usually stored in User-Name RADIUS attribute

We are hoping the SPLUNK Enterprise and Telecommunication App would have capability to retrieve the Calling-Station-Id and the Framed-IP-Address attributes from the START accounting record to update its local (SQL)table - as displayed by the RADIUS capture Attached:

For 2G/3G/4G/5Gsubscribers, the RADIUS server natively uses the Calling-Station-Id to store the subscriber ID (= the MSISDN number).

Then an AntiSpam solution can be configured to block the Outbound SPAM emails then share this blocked detection logs with DDEI via Syslog.

There's expected to be a concise correlation and reporting from the SIEM on the following. Detection by IP - MSISDN - Number of Spam detection - Sender Email ID - Recipient Email ID - Timestamp of Last event. There should be capability to drill down or further on this as well.

kindly advise or guide if this splunk App inherently has such capability explained above.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For clarity, this question does not pertain to Splunk Investigate.

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