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Splunk Enterprise Security: How to join with lookup

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I need to cross the information of my lookup with fields from my index, and bring some information on the table, but the fields that are supossed to show information, they're not showing them:

alt text

| rex field=message_text "address\s(?\w+.\w+.\w+)"
| dedup mac
| rex field=message_text "FastEthernet0.(?\d{1,2})"
| join  host Porta [inputlookup salasreuniao.csv | table Sala Andar]
| table mac host Porta Sala Andar _time

Can anyone help me?
| rename mac as "Mac Address"

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| join host Porta [inputlookup salasreuniao.csv | table Sala Andar]

tto join you need a common field. table Sala Andhar leaves you with only these 2 fields which you are trying to join to host Porta. Find the field in your lookup which is common and include the field in table command.

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