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If I buy a splunk 10GB license, will i get the Splunk Enterprise Security App complementary.?

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You have to buy Splunk Enterprise Security separately and the cost is usually a percentage of the Enterprise license cost.
For example, if you buy a 10GB license and want ES:

  • Cost of a 10GB license (let's call it C)
  • Cost of a 10GB annual support
  • Cost of a 10GB Enterprise Security license (usually charged as a percentage of C, but how much depends on who are you buying this from, etc)
  • Cost of a 10GB Enterprise Security annual support

Hope that helps.


thank you for this answer.
is that a documented info?


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Don't think so. I know this cause I've done it several times.
The best thing you can do is to contact your account manager or Splunk sales and they will go through it with you in great detail.

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Hi vatsal,

Nope. You have to purchase an additional License for Splunk Enterprise Security.

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