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Splunk Enterprise 7.1, ES 5.1 and phased_execution_mode

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I have been looking into upgrading our Splunk Enterprise deployment to version 7.1.1, which would also require upgrading Splunk ES to 5.1. I saw this under the compatibility table in the ES docs for the deployment planning:

Splunk Enterprise Security 5.1 is compatible with Splunk Enterprise v 7.1.x only by setting phasedexecutionmode=singlethreaded in order to avoid an issue that will be fixed in an upcoming Splunk Enterprise release.

On which instances should this setting be configured? We have an indexer cluster and 2 search heads - one for ES and one for other uses.

How would adding this setting impact non-ES uses? There's not much information available about it, and what is the issue that adding the setting fixes.

And finally, maybe anyone knows in which Splunk version the fix could be available? Since we're not really in a hurry to make the upgrade, maybe it's better to just wait until the the issue is fixed?


Re: Splunk Enterprise 7.1, ES 5.1 and phased_execution_mode


Hi, I have been looking into this and as far as I can tell the line "phasedexecutionmode=singlethreaded" needs to be added to [search] stanza in the limits.conf on the ES search head only.

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