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Splunk ES Incident dashboard not working with Splunk Enterprise 7.1.2


We upgraded our Splunk enterprise to 7.1.2 from 7.0 version in a SH that has Splunk ES version 4.7.2.
After the upgrade, we notice that Incident Review dashboard doesn't work as expected.
If we upgrade the Splunk ES, will this be fixed?
Also, if we plan on upgrading, should we do Splunk ES first them Splunk Enterprise? What will be the sequence for these upgrades?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Only version 5.1.x of Splunk ES is compatible with version 7.1.x of the Splunk platform. Because you have already upgraded Splunk Enterprise, upgrade Splunk ES. If you can't upgrade both at the same time, plan it out so that the version combinations of the products are compatible.