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Splunk Add-on for Windows - DNS Not Mapped to CIM?


i have installed the Splunk Add-on for Windows app to monitor DNS logs using the Debugging enabled option on my server.
i am seeing the events ingesting with the proper source type of MSAD:NT6:DNS but they are not tagged as DNS (only with Success and Failure tags)
also under the Tags Tab im not seeing that in the app there is DNS tag option for that app neither under the Sourcetype Tab
it means that the app does not map this source type to the data model.
the app is documented that it supports CIM
please explain

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did someone fixe this issue? I am also having this error. Any solution?

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I'd would have liked to provided you an answer but I am also having this issue. Did you find a solution?


I'm running across the same basic thing.

I have sourcetype="MSAD:NT6:DNS" and the fields are parsing correctly.

However, 'Network Resolution' Data Model is looking for 3 tags:


And the only thing that is tagging is 'success'.

Is there a param needed in the inputs.conf to get these tags working?

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