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I was trying to create a manual notable event using "sendalert notable". But the name of the notable is coming as "Manual Notable Event- Rule". How can I name the notable to exactly what I want?
Please note that I want to create the notable through senalert only.

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Syntax: <alert_action_name>Description: The name of the alert action configured in the alert_actions.conf file

May we know the alert_action_name you configured in your alert_actions.conf file please.


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did you get any solution for this. Am facing same problem. Please reply me if you found any solution.

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Splunk Employee

use the param.search_name="YOUR CUSTOM NAME". you can update the other fields in similar fashion: param.notable_field="YOUR VALUE"

sendalert documentation

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That doesn't work - none of the param fields are added to the notable event - certain fields in the event, e.g. search_name are renamed to orig_search_name if you try to add it that way

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