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Is CCURE add-on compatible with CCURE 9000


Is CCURE add-on compatible with CCURE 9000

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Would you mind sharing your DB query? I'm looking to set this up and am curious to know what you used...

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I'm also interested in the query if anyone has something to start with.

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We use this app with CCURE9000.
It kind of depends on your DB Query whether the built-in extracts are going to work for you,... but it isn't hard to customize.

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Hey sorry for the late response,

I'm not too sure if it will or not. When it was created i built it off of a different version for certain. IF the log syntax is similar enough to that of the Redacted Log Sample below, I'd say you're in good shape for it to work.

Redacted Log Sample
2018-12-20 13:29:58.000, MessageUTC="2018-12-20 18:29:58.0", MessageType="CardAdmitted", PrimaryObjectName="liechtenstein, ulrich", PrimaryObjectIdentity="AA11A11A-AA11-11AA-A1A1-AAAAAA111111", SecondaryObjectName="potentially the name of entrance area", SecondaryObjectIdentity="B2B2B2B2-BB22-22BB-B2B2-BBBBBB22222", XmlMessage="InDirection12345AdmitAdmitliechtenstein, ulrichpotentially the name of entrance area"

In the event your logs differ. You could send over redacted log samples of the 9000 product and i could update the add-on and get it out with the new release.

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did you try it?

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