Splunk Enterprise Security

In Splunk Enterprise Security, how does Javascript SDK work? I wanna use client side SDK



Thanks for coming to my question.

I am having trouble using javascript SDK.

I cannot understand what is "my server" on the Splunk official SDK page, and how javascript SDK works.

Also (of course) my SDK environment doesn't work.

I have

A: Splunk Enterprise Security
B: personal web server(doesn't have node.js)
C: many other clients

Is it right that javascript-sdk-client codes that are in B and C can search(and many other things) via B server?

I downloaded js-sdk on B and tested simple connection client-sample(http://dev.splunk.com/view/javascript-sdk/SP-CAAAEC9).

In this situation, when I connected to B using C, I got an "alert("Error listing apps");" message.

Is this construction right?

If it is, what should I check more?

If not, what can I do?

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