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How to use a heavy forwarder to collect asset and identity information for Splunk Enterprise Security on Splunk Cloud?



I'm following the following directions to try and set up assets and identities for Splunk Enterprise Security on Splunk Cloud through a heavy forwarder.


The instructions say to set up a saved search on the Heavy Forwarder and have it populate a summary index. However, I am unable to schedule searches on the Heavy Forwarder and get the message:

The search scheduler is disabled by
the license Splunk is using. Scheduled
searches that populate a summary index
were found, but they will not be
executed. This might affect dashboard
panels that depend on the summary
Learn more]

Does anyone have any tips on what I am missing?



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Hi I am using free trial of splunk I am dealing with this problem too with universal or heavy forwarder and I can't even open a ticket.



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Open a ticket with Support, and explain what you are trying to do. They will get you a 1mb license that enables the deployment server and other enterprise features. (These are available for 30 days after installing, but then rolls to limited license.)

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