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How to troubleshoot the Adaptive Response script not running?


Hello everyone,

I have set an Adaptive Response Action (custom bash script) along with a Notable event on a simple correlation search. The Notable triggers but the script not.

The script is used to initiate a tcpdump capture on an indexer. The script is placed under:

- /opt/splunk/etc/apps/SplunkEnterpriseSecurity/bin/tcpdump.sh

- /opt/splunk/bin/scripts/tcpdump.sh

Owner: splunk  Permissions: 755



#Initiate tcpdump (3 dumps for 5mins each)
tcpdump -i ens33 -G 300 -W 3 -w /mnt/nfs/pcaps/pcap-%Y-%m-%d_%H.%M.%S


I tried to create an app with an Adaptive Response Action with Addon-Builder but my coding skills are not good.

How can I troubleshoot why the script is not running at all?



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Hi @b_chris21 

try to add the full path and give it a try 






this works when manually triggering the script as splunk user (on the indexer directly). I know try to get the adaptive response action work.

Question: the script should reside on Splunk ES or on remote indexer? Or normally it should replicated via the replication bundle?


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I managed to have the script run after the Notable was triggered, but the script actually run on the machine where ES is installed.

How can I get it run on the Indexer?


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