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How to make second token value be based on choice made for first token

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Token 1:

  <choice value="Windows">Windows</choice>
  <choice value="RedHat">RedHat</choice>

Token 2:

I want to set Token 2 to be based on whatever was selected for Token1.
For example:

If RedHat was selected for token1, make Token2: "OS01"
If Windows, was selected for token1, make Token2: "OS02"

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Check out the Simple XML reference (https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/PanelreferenceforSimplifiedXML)

Specifically, the <change> (https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/PanelreferenceforSimplifiedXML#change_.28for...) and <condition> (https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/PanelreferenceforSimplifiedXML#condition_.28...) attributes. You'll want to update Token 2 whenever Token 1 changes with a condition using match.


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