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How to get lookup results into datamodel


I am trying to get lookup results into accelerated datamodel, but no luck so far.
I am using network_traffic datamodel, where I have added new auto extracted field.

I have tried to setup automatic lookup, which returns that field. I have confirmed that it is working correctly in search. Permissions are global, everybody has Read, admin Write.

when I use |tstats summary only, it will return that field as empty, when I do same command without summary only, it will return field value correctly

Secondly I have removed automatic lookup and added that lookup directly into datamodel as lookup field. I selected correct lookup, filled all fields and the preview shows everything is fine.
During DM acceleration I end up with error , "lookup could not be found or accessed ...."

Went through all the permissions but no problem there.
IT this some kind of bug in Splunk ?

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I think I need more details - I use a lookup field in an accelerated data model with no issue. Is your lookup in transforms / is it defined under Settings > Lookups > Lookup definitions?

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