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How to get diff between previous day vs current?

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the below search provides me info on failed logins for the past month, for example the last four fridays now i want to alert when a spike occurs for that day or any other day but i am lost at the where diff > any ideas?

|tstats count values(Authentication.action) as Action from datamodel="Authentication" where (index=something Authentication.action="failure") by _time span=1day
| eval week_day=strftime(_time,"%a")| sort week_day| streamstats current=f last(current) as prev by week_day
| eval diff=abs(current-prev)
| where diff > blahblah

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@Ghanayem1974 ,
Try similar to

|tstats count as current where index=_internal by _time
 |eval week_day=strftime(_time,"%a")|sort week_day
 |streamstats current=f last(current) as prev by week_day|fillnull value="NA"
 |eval diff=if(prev=="NA",current,abs(current-prev))
 |eval perc_of_change=round((diff/prev)*100,2)|where perc_of_change > 20
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