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How to get IIS events into Enterprise Security App

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I am trying to get IIS log W3C log events into Enterprise Security App. I made the IIS events an eventtype with tag: web, and made the following field aliases:

c_ip as src
cs_Cookie as cookie
cs_Referer as http_referrer
cs_User_Agent as http_user_agent
cs_bytes as bytes_in
s_ip as dest
cs_method as http_method
cs_uri_stem as uri_path
s_sitename as site
sc_bytes as bytes_out
sc_status as status
cs_username as user

I made the permissions as wide as possible, but after a reboot ESA still does not see the data as for example the ESA HTTP User Agent Analysis remains blank. What am I doing wrong?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As mentioned, you need to have these events tagged for web and proxy for ES. You should refer to the documentation for ES's dashboards for how your data should be tagged to appear in these correctly.



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I also need to get IIS logs into Splunk ES app, which add-on did you used ?

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The web data model was intended for use with proxy log and thus requires two tags: web and proxy.

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