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How to fix - Lookup file working properly when running "inputlookup" command but in search time not all fields are extracted.

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I have a lookup file to add additional fields to events.
When running the "inputlookup" command I can see all the fields (4) just fine, but when running a search I see just 3 values from the 4 values in the table.
I've checked multiple times the spelling, removed and added the lookup but I still see just part of the lookup data.

Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you.

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When you use a lookup, you're finding data in the table based on a field in your search data

Therefore, if you're doing a lookup on field1, you won't see it added in your output - because it was already there in your event data

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to assist better, please provide some example and query for the in which you are using the lookup.

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can you provide some examples?
Does your automatic lookup specify all 4 output fields?

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I can share, but it'll not help you since part of the data is in Hebrew.
I'm trying to make a lookup that will add data in English in addition to the Hebrew text so i'll be able to query in more efficient way.

What do you mean by "all 4 output fields"? It's all in the same field - different values. It's all door names in the same field.

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