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How do you make a report of users using 'X' dashboard in Splunk?


Looking for the report of who are using X dashboard in Splunk.
Is there any Query for this?
Thanks in Advance

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If you do have access to _internal logs you should be able to the below.... (note that you might need to do some modifications, run the query step by step and do the modifications accordingly)

index=_internal source=web_access.log /app/
| rex "(?:[^/\n]/){5}(?P[^/]+)[^/\n]/(?P\w+\s+)" -----> this is for extracting appname and viewname (please modify this accordingly, not sure why app_name & view_name is not being printed after ?P here)
| search app_name!="search" view_name!="search" app_name!="launcher"
|search sourcetype=splunk_web_access
| eval access_time =strftime(_time,"%Y-%d-%m %H:%M")
| table access_time,user,app_name,view_name
| rename app_name as "Application Name" view_name AS "Dashboard name" user as User
| replace "-" with "No User" in User

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