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How do I put my DLP events into the Alerts data model in Splunk Enterprise Security?

Hey Everyone,

I'm working on putting some of my DLP events into the Alerts data model. However, I'm struggling to find out where they actually populate in Splunk Enterprise Security. Is there a spot for these alerts in ES? I was hoping they would populate in the identity or asset investigator.


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

A DLP alert is more akin to an intrusion detection alert. Except the opposite direction.

I would clone the Intrusion Detection data model, and call it DLP.
Then map the fields to CIM model. CIM_IntrusionDetection

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Thanks MCronkrite!

I'm not sure if Splunk totally changed my topic, but my question direction was changed.

I reviewed the other DLP add-ons that Splunk has created and supported, more in particular the RSA DLP application (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/2956/) and they all look to be using the alerts data model for DLP. They state in the description that it's good for use in Splunk applications, including ES.

So I mocked up my DLP machine data to comply with that data model and I'm wondering where should it populate in ES? Is there a swimlane that it should go to?


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