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Forescout implementation 2.8 with Splunk 6.5.3

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Please refer the below details and provide me support for effective resolution :

Facing issues while implementing forescout extended module for splunk ,

we have ES and DS in our environment , since we have three apps for forescout for splunk(adaptive response, technology add-on for splunk , forecout app for splunk),

Can we install all 3 in ES and make it work ?

Should we install all 3 in DS and make it work?

as per functionality of counteract ,it send messages / events for actions to and from splunk , do we really need to forward the logs also in order to make this app work?

or both ES and DS should be configured ?

steps tried so far :

Installed all 3 apps in ES and DS separately both didnt work and throwing the below error :

Checking for reachability...

            Splunk server at '' is reachable via ping.

**Checking Splunk server roles...

            Obtained following server roles-
                            - license_master
                            - deployment_server
                            - search_head
                            - kv_store

Checking data inputs configuration...

            Enabled :               true
            Obtained following associated indexes-
                            - fsctcenter
                            - main

Successfully verified Splunk target configuration.

Sending test event...

Failed to send test event to this target at ''. (500 Can't connect to**

kindly let me know if more info neeed from my end,

support me with your expertise,


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Hello everyone, issue is resolved as test connection successful !

we just used curl command to make sure about the service collector communication and it is successful!

curl -k https://10.10.*.*:8088/services/collector/event -H "Authorization: Splunk E2DC*-A1-48*-89-2D243513***" -d '{"event": "hello world"}

just replace with your Ip and authorization code and try from your search head / DS ...

also make sure you give appropriate info in the forescout so that connection works properly!!

reach me if you need support , thanks

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Forescout support response on this issue :

Since we are receiving an error (500,401) to POST query from CT to this URL with the User name/password and authorization key related to URL errors I would like to request from you to contact with Splunk team and bring them the Username/password and authorization key to try manually to query and POST to this URL address to verify if you can.

If not, it's justified our issue that the URL it's not reachable using your usernmae/password and authorization key.

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