Splunk Enterprise Security

Extract description into Threat Activity Object


Splunk has all of those threat intel lists for file, process, registry, ip, url, etc... And each list has a description field where I put the threat campaign info related to the IOC. I am wanting to extract that description into a new Threat_Activity.description (in the Threat Intelligence Data Model) field when it finds a match in the event logs. I have tried several tactics on my own altering the various Threat Gen searches but with no success. I know I can do searches with joins for workarounds and such. I also know that if I enter that info in the upload name it will show up in the Threat collection or Threat key field. But we often get a huge threatlist with several different campaigns and I would like to upload them all at the same time. This seems like a simple ask since this field is in every built in threat lookup. How can I get it to extract into a new field at match time?

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