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Enterprise Security Trial: too slow, service unavailable, search is waiting for an input

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Hello everyone,

I signed up for the 7 days evaluation of Splunk Enterprise Security and got the credentials and link to login. However,

  1. The instance is TOO slow. It takes few minutes to open a page (if it opens it at all). All the other Splunk.com pages open just fine and my internet speed is good
  2. Sometimes, I receive the "503 Service Unavailable Error with this image alt text
  3. Once I tried to open multiple pages to see if any page will open. After a few minutes I got two or three pages opened but all showed "search is waiting for input" although I added "*" where applicable and clicked on submit

alt text

  1. Now I still get problem 1 and 2, and when a page open (if at all), I errors like "unable to load results", "waiting for queued job to start", and "Search not executed: The maximum number of concurrent historical searches on this instance has been reached., concurrency_category="historical", concurrency_context="instance-wide", current_concurrency=10, concurrency_limit=10"

Is there a way to fix all this?

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