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Edit Action Dropdown on a notable event


I am trying to add a dashboard to the action dropdown when you are in incident review under specific notables. How do I do this? I cannot seem to find ANY document on how to do it and would appreciate a link to it or an explanation of how...

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BePe is correct. In the main menu bar, click Settings -> Fields -> Workflow actions -> search on keyword "Investigator". You can also search from "All Configurations" if desired.

You will see a number of workflow actions from the DA-ESS-IdentityManagement app, such as identity_investigator_user. Click this link to see the options required to link to the desired dashboard.

Use this as a template to create a New Workflow action in the app of your choosing, ensuring that the workflow action is shared globally to be accessible from within Enterprise Security.

Label: <your choice>
Apply only to the following fields: <your choice>
Apply only to the following event types: <your choice>

Show action in: Fields menus
Action type: link
URI: /app/$@namespace$/dashboard_name?form.target_field=$@field_value$
Open link in: New window
Link method: get

This will create the appropriate stanza entries in the workflow_actions.conf for the container app.

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Check the "workflow_actions.conf" files in the different apps and SAs for samples. 


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