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ES 3.3 Data nodels showing Unknown values


I have two index node cluster and one dedicated search head for ES APP. installed Splunk_TA for cisco ASA on the forwarders, indexers and search head . we are able to index the data with sourcetype=cisco:asa.

When we search the data with search app we are able to get all the fields properly including the TAGs required for ES APP. (Ex: src, dst, network etc)

but when we open with data models in the ES APP, most of the fields are showing unknown value. how to troubleshoot this


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If ES loaded the data into the data models before you installed the splunk_TA_cisco-asa on the ES Search Head, these values will show as unknown.

You need to rebuild the data model for this to be corrected.

You should browse the data model and confirm that the data is tagged correctly however. Follow the ES documentation based on your datamodel and dashboard :


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello, when you do a search from the ES app, do you saw also the tags and the normalized data from the TA ?

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