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Development: Where can I access the Assign to Me button functionality


I am developing a small app to add a quick assign button to events in the Incident Review board.

Currently, if you tick the box next to an event and then click "Edit Selected" the log review popup pops up and under "Owner" there is a beautiful, convenient little button that says "Assign to Me". I want to put that button in a new column in the event table so that you can simply click "Assign to Me" next to any event and poof! it will be assigned to you.
I have a screenshot mockup of what I mean but I do not have enough karma to attach it.

Adding the new column is very simple, but I am having an absolute nonsense of a time tracking down how the Assign to Me button works. If anyone has any pointers on what js file / deep maze of js files the various components that make it up live in, I would be immensely grateful.

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