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Datamodel Child object not accelerated

Path Finder

We created a child object within the authentication datamodel.
The authentication datamodel is accelerated, when searching the data using summariesonly=t we get data from the root and other childs but not from the child that we created. If we do not use summariesonly=t then we do see data.

As a test i cloned the entire authentication datamodel and accelerated it and then i am able to use summariesonly=t.

What we have tried:
- Rebuild the original authentication datamodel
- Clone the datamodel (works)
- Remove the child object and add it again.

The search we are using:

| tstats summariesonly=t count from datamodel=Authentication_test where nodename=Authentication.Login_Interactive

The only difference i can find is that the original datamodel is in Splunk_SA_CIM and the cloned datamodel is in SplunkEnterpriseSecuritySuite. If anyone has an idea how to get the child element accelerated in the original authentication model i would be a happy splunker.

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