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Comparison of Splunk enterprise and Splunk enterprise security



Is Splunk enterprise security contains all the features of Splunk enterprise as well other than its advanced security features?If any body have the comparison between Splunk enterprise & Splunk enterprise security please share it here.

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Hi Aqudoos,
Enterprise Splunk is a platform and Enterprise security is licensed application which resides on Splunk. For using enterprise security you need to install Splunk Enterprise/Cloud and then use Enterprise Security application.

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There is probably a better way of answering this but here are my two cents.

The short answer to your question is yes, splunk ES contains all features of splunk enterprise and additional advanced security features. We can't do proper comparison between ES and splunk enterprise because ES is a fully fledged premium application designed around event correlation, management, and response while splunk enterprise is a software where you will install ES.

You can find more description about ES features here.

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