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Cisco eStreamer for Splunk: How to resolve error "Problems starting the eStreamer client"?

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Hi everyone!

I attempted to follow the other "Problems starting the eStreamer client" post but was unable to get it running. Unfortunately, it isn't giving me any specific reason why it's failing. I am currently running the Cisco eStreamer for Splunk app from a syslog-ng server set up as a heavy forwarder. I have tried to reissue the cert both with and without a password, and modify the permissions on the estreamer.conf file as suggested. eStreamer_client.pl runs without an issue. But client_check.py continues to throw an error. Does anyone have any suggestions?

$ ./estreamer_client.pl
Usage:  estreamer_client.pl [options]
        [-c]onfig=<config filename>
        [-l]ogfile=<log filename>

bin]$ ./client_check.py
event_sec=1486582853 status_id=-1 status="ERROR: Problems starting the eStreamer client ()"


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A new Splunk Firepower solution is now available if you are using Firepower version 6.x. You can download the new eStreamer eNcore for Splunk and the separately installable dashboard from the two links below:

eStreamer eNcore

eNcore Dashboard

It is free to use and well documented but if you would like to purchase a TAC Support service so that you can obtain installation and configuration assistance and troubleshooting you can order the software from Cisco (support obligatory with this purchase). The Product Identifier is: FP-SPLUNK-SW-K9.

Regardless of whether you take up the support option or not, updated versions will be made available to all free of charge and posted on Splunkbase as well as Cisco Downloads.

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what does it look like in the splunk ui? Does the dashboard there give any other errors? Do you have the right Perl Libraries installed?

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just a bunch of 0's in the dashboards, I did a "cpan -l" to list all modules and I was missing IO::Socket:SSL but I just installed it and disabled and re-enabled the app but still no luck when I run client_check.py.

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