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I'm new here and I wanted some help for this issue.
My incident is getting many errors for a bucket replication that keeps flapping up/down. In the master dashboard I have the errors "search factor is not met" and "replication factor is not met" along with main page warnings like "msg='target doesn't have bucket now. ignoring' " and "making bucket serviceable, we have enough peers now " that suggests me it's flapping other than the up/down I see in the master dashboard.

I have a little infrastructure with

1 Master
2 Indexers
1 Search Head
1 Heavy Forwarder

My configuration on local (that should override the default server.conf) is fine having replicationfactor=2 and searchfactor=2 but it seems that no matter which change I apply the always stays up.
I tried to resync the bucket but actually I'm not even sure it did it. However, among my fix up tasks I have 2, 1 for replication factor and 1 for search factor

For what concern search factor I have the following:

fixup reason: unmet rf
current status: Missing enough suitable candidates to create searchable copy in order to meet replication policy. Missing={ default:1 }

for what concern replication factor:

fixup reason: unmet rf
current status: empty

could you please let me know?

I have some basic knowledge of administration and clustering by reading Splunk docs but I'm not sure I am really into yet.
splunk btool server list --debug
give me an output whereas replication_factor in local config is 2 and in default config is 3 but as far as I know local config in this case should override the default one.

I'm stuck!

Thank you in advance


Re: Bucket Flap


Your issue is with the search_factor setting. It cannot be set to a value of 2 with a single search head. Search artifacts are stored on the search heads. Since you have only one search head, but a setting of 2, it is trying to replicate artifacts but nowhere to put them.

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Re: Bucket Flap


Thank you: I will apply your fix but your explanation has already been pretty straightforwarded.

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