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Asset and Identity management multi valued


Identity: 314 assets are currently exceeding the field limits set in the Asset and Identity Management page. Data truncation will occur unless the field limits are increased. Sources: [merge].

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@inayath_khanin1   The above error indicates that during the asset merge process, you have one of the 'key' entries exceeding the multi-value limit setup in the AssetFields page under 'Asset and Identity managent' UI ( you can access  in the ES app via Configure -> Data enrichment -> Asset and Identity managent).  Look at the all the key fields and the multi-value limit. Additionally, you can also check something like this (pick up any field you want to test, e.g. ip which has a mv limit of 6 by default


|`assets` | eval my_mvcount = count(ip) | stats count by my_mvcount | where my_mvcount > 3


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Check the lookup contents but you probably hit the issue with some changes after ES upgrade.

In my case I needed to disable merging identities because for some unknown reason it was creating a ridiculous lookup entries


If you have distributed environment, you might not be able to disable merge from webui.  Then you need to fiddle with inputs.conf from SA-IdentityManagement app to disable merge of particular set of assets or identities.

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