Splunk Enterprise Security

After a fresh installation, how do I deploy the Splunk App for Enterprise Security?


I have been assigned the task of deploying the Splunk App for Enterprise Security on Linux machines. Here is my requirement.

1 dedicated standalone search-head 4 indexer servers with a 250GB license.

Can anyone point me in right direction to get this app working? I was going though the splunk installation...

1) What are the roles users need to create on indexer as well SH and basic needs like index creation etc.
2) What are the TA's need to push forwarders/Indexers/SH.
3) Any installation cheat sheet document link/video much appreciated .
4) What are the main configuration steps to populate the data.

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Hi download this pdf it will surly help ,


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i have already read that PDF file couple of times 🙂

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