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Adding field from one search to another

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Hello All on Splunk Answer.

I have following very simple search:

*index=*proxy domain="somedomain.com"
| stats values(url) values(action) values(respcode) count by src_ip

In events from proxy I don't have information about user who accessed urls and I wanted to get this information from Windows related events:
by following search:

index=*windows EventCode=4624 Source_Workstation!="-" AND user!="*$"
| stats count by src_ip,user]

Is there any sollution how to add user field to stats table for accessing particular domain ?
I though about using join appendcols commands.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Yeah don’t use join or append. They have limits. Do both root searches together with an or. Then stats that together


There are limits, but you're not likely to hit them unless you have massive data sets and don't filter well

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Can you please try this?

(index=proxy domain="somedomain.com") OR (index=windows EventCode=4624 Source_Workstation!="-" AND user!="$")
| stats values(url) as url values(action) as action values(respcode) as respcode values(user) as user count by src_ip 
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