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Adaptive Response Not Pulling Variables

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I've been using AR rules within notables for about a year now and I've had quite a bit of success with it. Previously I always just used AR to pull variables from my notables via something like this:

host = helper.get_param("host")

And since host is a field in my notable, it pulls it fine. However, this does not work for risk_object or risk_object_type. Attached is just one example of a notable that I tripped but it will not pull the risk_object or risk_object_type variable. The odd part is, that it pulls the risk_message variable fine.

I've tested this with two correlation rules that I have and neither one will pull risk_object but if I alias it to something else, it pulls it fine. Any idea what this is occurring?

alt text

It looks like the variable is just being pulled out correctly and I'm not sure why. Below is the output from the AR log.

risk_object = $risk_object$ | table _time   
risk_object_type = $risk_object$ spanning $sourceCount$ Risk Rules
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It looks like you're using add-on builder to make the AR action. It could be something internal to the helper class in AoB. The "get_param()" method used to be purely for pulling values specified in alert_actions.conf, not from the raw events themselves.

To pull the actual values from the event, you could follow the sample pattern as follows:
events = helper.get_events()
for event in events:
ro = event['risk_object']

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I've tried that as well and it still doesn't appear to be working.


events = helper.get_events()
for event in events:
    risk_object = event.get("risk_object")
    risk_object_type = event.get("risk_object_type")
    risk_message = event.get("risk_message")


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