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how to compare two search results and display only missing values in one searched result respect to other


i have two set of result which give AVC_ID and what i want is compare these two set of result and only display missing AVC_ID with respect to the each searched results.

like search result1

search result 2

expecting output
1. missed value in search result 1 with respect to search result 2
2. missed value in search result 2 with respect to search result 1

i tried below query and getting error:

search 1:
eventtype="li_specific" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time |append [search eventtype="hfc" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time ] |table AVC_ID
search 2:
eventtype="ne_config" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time |table AVC_ID

comparison query:
eventtype="li_specific" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time |append [search eventtype="hfc" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time ] NOT ([search eventtype="ne_config" |eval (AVC_ID=case(searchmatch("AVC*"),"AVC*") |dedup AVC_ID,_time |table AVC_ID |rename AVC_ID as "avc missing in ne config"])

error which i got while running comparison search:
: Error in 'append' command: The last argument must be a subsearch

could you please help me how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Try using multisearch. This isn't super fast, but it did the trick. I added an extra value to each list to play around with when there were multiple differences.

| multisearch 
    [ search source="result1.csv" NOT 
        [ search index="scratchpad" sourcetype="results" source="result2.csv" 
        | fields AVC_ID] 
    | eval OneNotTwo=AVC_ID 
    | fields OneNotTwo] 
    [ search source="result2.csv" NOT 
        [ search index="scratchpad" sourcetype="results" source="result1.csv" 
        | fields AVC_ID] 
    | eval TwoNotOne=AVC_ID 
    | fields TwoNotOne] 
| stats values(OneNotTwo) as OneNotTwo values(TwoNotOne) as TwoNotOne

alt text

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