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Why Search Head failed to load TA Inputs page?

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When I try to test TAs locally, on my single instance, the Inputs page fails to load with a 404 and the message:

This is normal on Splunk search heads as they do not require an Input page. Check your installation or return to the configuration page.

I get that search heads should not run TA's in a distributed architecture, but this is a single instance. Anyone know how to get around this?  Hoping to find a solution that can be applied globally.

Thank you.

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@ohbuckeyeio - There could be multiple reasons why the Add-on UI is not loading.

  • Incorrectly configured Add-on from the backend.
  • Missing config or spec file.
    • Generally happens on classic Splunk Cloud instance as it removes the inputs.conf.spec and inputs.conf files.
  • The user doesn't have admin access.

If you are facing the issue on Splunk Cloud:

If you are facing the issue in an On-prem environment:

  • Make sure you have not misconfigured anything from the backend.
  • Make sure you have all the configuration files properly as they came from Splunkbase.
  • Also, you can run index=_internal "error", to find more details.


I hope this helps!! Karma/upvote would be appreciated!!!

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