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UI-Toolkit React-App unable to fetch REST-Endpoint "services/admin/LDAP-groups"

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Hello Splunk Community,

to get into ReactJS and the Splunk UI-Toolkit i created a small App with a Component, thats fetching the Splunk-Roles and the LDAP-groups from splunks REST-API for easy mapping of matching groups and roles.

Fetching of the roles work, but the groups dont.

Codeside i fetch against '/splunkd/services/admin/LDAP-groups?output_mode=json'
That respond with 303 see other and refers to
where i get the 404 Page not Found response.

Searching for the requestId shows following:
proxy:132 - Resource not found: services/admin/LDAP-groups
error:321 - Masking the original 404 message: 'Resource not found: services/admin/LDAP-groups' with 'Page not found!' for security reasons

My User has the change_authentication capability, so theoretically it should work.
Am i doing something wrong? Or is that endpoint denied by default if its not splunk itself?



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