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Only 100 Results return with python API query


Hello there,
I'm still newer to Splunk (and python which doesn't help). I used the code from the search and poll results code on the sdk page. I can't seem to figure out how to get more than 100 results. Here's the code

#set login settings above    
kwargs_normalsearch = {"exec_mode": "normal", "max_count" : "20000"}

searchquery_normal = "search *"
job = service.jobs.create(searchquery_normal,  **kwargs_normalsearch)

# A normal search returns the job's SID right away, so we need to poll for completion
while True:
    stats = {"isDone": job["isDone"],
             #"doneProgress": float(job["doneProgress"])*100,
              #"scanCount": int(job["scanCount"]),
              "eventCount": int(job["eventCount"]),
              "resultCount": int(job["resultCount"])}
    #status = ("\r%(doneProgress)03.1f%%   %(scanCount)d scanned   "
    status =("\r%(eventCount)d matched   %(resultCount)d results") % stats

    if stats["isDone"] == "1":

# Get properties of the job
print "Search job properties"
print "Search job ID:        ", job["sid"]
print "The number of events: ", job["eventCount"]
print "The number of results:", job["resultCount"]
print "Search duration:      ", job["runDuration"], "seconds"
print "This job expires in:  ", job["ttl"], "seconds"
print "------------------------------------------\n"
print "Search results:\n"

# Get the results and display them
newFile = open("splunkResults.txt", 'w')

x = 0
for result in results.ResultsReader(job.results()):
    x += 1
    print x

x always ends up being 100. (see bottom of code). I'm assuming i'm just over looking something but i can't figure out for the life of me what it is.

forgot to give you the output of the script


5000 matched   5000 results


Search job properties
Search job ID:         1376943997.140464
The number of events:  5000
The number of results: 5000
Search duration:       127.888000 seconds
This job expires in:   150000 seconds

Search results:

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Hi wibbs,

I did this way and worked fine to me.

kwargs_options = {"count" : 0}
response = service.job(sid).results(**kwargs_options)


Solved: job.results(count=0) fixed it for me.

In my case splunk seems to completely ignore the count variable. I have it set to 1 or 10000, it will always return 100.

From the log...

POST request to https://XXXXXXX:8089/services/search/jobs/ (body: {'count': 10000, 'search_mode': 'normal', 'search': 'search index = myindex earliest=-30m'})

Still returns 100. The job["resultCount"] value says there are 549 results.

If I go to the search job id site

https://XXXXXXX:8089/services/search/jobs/1466455902.9551_2288E5C9-03DA-4BDF-AE92-735977C5CE06/resul... the result offset goes from 0 to 99. So it is just reading from that unfortunately.

If this is due to limits.conf - what exact variable must be updated?


This also fixed the issue I was having. Thank you!

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Hi All,

Try Below:

kwargs_normalsearch = {"exec_mode": "normal", "count" : 10000}

for result in results.ResultsReader(job.results(**kwargs_normalsearch)):
x += 1
print x


Should have read a bit closer. I thought this was a kwargs issue, but turns out it's probably a splunk config issue. Anyway, i used this - http://dev.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAEE5#paginating to get more than 100 results.


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