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How to resolve top 10 ip addresses

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So, I'm running the following on some logs which have the dest_ip but no url. I want to report on the top domains by bandwidth:

index=proxy bytes=* 
| fields + user dest_ip bytes bytes_in bytes_out 
| stats sum(bytes) as total_bytes sum(bytes_in) as total_bytes_in sum(bytes_out) as total_bytes_out by dest_ip 
| eval "Total Bandwidth"=round(((total_bytes/1024)/1024),2), "Download"=round(((total_bytes_in/1024)/1024),2), "Upload"=round(((total_bytes_out/1024)/1024),2) 
| table dest_ip,"Total Bandwidth","Download","Upload"
| rename dest_ip as "Target IP Address"
| sort limit=10 -"Total Bandwidth"

I figure, it'd be most efficient to try and resolve the top 10 ip addresses only. Any pointers?


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Hello pgj2160,

As mayurr98 has already said, try adding the following stanza to transforms.conf:

external_cmd = external_lookup.py host ip
fields_list = host, ip

Then in your search, add a lookup:

| lookup dnsLookup ip AS dest_ip OUTPUT host AS "Target URL"

That should give you what you're after, but do let us know if it's no good!

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