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How to create a dropdown for a dashboard listing

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I am trying to create a dashboard panel that will have dropdowns different by the row you select.  I am using one of the searches that comes with the monitoring application as my search:

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd TERM(group=tcpin_connections) TERM("cooked") OR TERM("cookedSSL") (hostname!=*.splunk*.*)
| dedup hostname
| stats c as fwdCount by version
| rex field=version "^(?<fwdV>\d+.\d+)"
| eval splV=
[ | makeresults
| eval VERSION=7.0
| append
[ | rest splunk_server=local count=1 /services/server/info
| stats max(version) as VERSION]
| rex field=VERSION "^(?<version>\d+.\d+)"
| stats max(version) as splV
| return $$splV ]
| eval fwd_7_3_eos=relative_time(strptime("22-Oct-2021", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_8_0_eos=relative_time(strptime("22-Oct-2021", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_8_1_eos=relative_time(strptime("19-Apr-2023", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_8_2_eos=relative_time(strptime("30-Sep-2023", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_9_0_eos=relative_time(strptime("14-Jun-2024", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_9_1_eos=relative_time(strptime("28-Jun-2025", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d"), fwd_default_eos=relative_time(strptime("01-Jan-1971", "%d-%b-%Y"), "+1d@d") | eval expTimestamp = case( match($$fwd_version$$, "^7\.3"), fwd_7_3_eos, match($$fwd_version$$, "^8\.0"), fwd_8_0_eos, match($$fwd_version$$, "^8\.1"), fwd_8_1_eos, match($$fwd_version$$, "^8\.2"), fwd_8_2_eos, match($$fwd_version$$, "^9\.0"), fwd_9_0_eos, match($$fwd_version$$, "^9\.1"), fwd_9_1_eos, 1==1, fwd_default_eos) | fields - fwd_*_eos
| eval warn=case(
(now() > expTimestamp), fwdCount,
1==1, 0)
| eval info=fwdCount-warn
| rename warn as "Out of date", info as "Up to date"
| fields - fwdV, splV, fwdCount, expTimestamp


What I want to do is to drop down based on the row I select (see attached snapshot)

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Based on your description it sounds like you are looking to utilize the drilldown actions for a visualization to change something on the existing page.

While not exactly what you're doing, here's some posts around here 

Solved: How to create a drill down from one panel to anoth... - Splunk Community

Solved: Single value drilldown click to display and click ... - Splunk Community


Also a couple of external resources discussing how the tokens work:

The Beginner’s Guide to Splunk Drilldowns With Conditions – Kinney Group

Define Your Drilldown in Splunk: $click.value$ vs $click.value2$ – Kinney Group

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