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Why am I unable to open my Splunk Cloud rest-api URL's in my local machine?


Hi Team,

I am unable to open my splunk cloud rest-api URL's in my local machine. Do we need to enable something in my local machine. Please find the error below.


Venkata Krishna

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Did you read the following?:

Accessing the Splunk Cloud Platform REST API

You might need to take extra steps to access your Splunk Cloud Platform deployment using the Splunk REST API and SDKs. If necessary, you can get access with one of the following options:

  • Use the Admin Config Service (ACS) API search-api/ipallowlists endpoint to add IP addresses to the search-api allow list. For more information about the search-api/ipallowlists endpoint, see Configure IP allow lists for Splunk Cloud Platform.
  • Submit a support case requesting access using the Splunk Support Portal. Splunk Support opens port 8089 for REST access. You can specify a range of IP addresses to control who can access the REST API, so make sure your request includes the IP addresses or CIDR ranges that you want access from.

Free trial Splunk Cloud Platform accounts cannot access the REST API.

Once you have REST API access, you can make calls with a local account, an LDAP account, or a SAML account. To learn more about setting up authentication with tokens, see Set up authentication with tokens.

Use the following URL for Splunk Cloud Platform deployments:



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Hi @Azeemering ,

Thanks for your reply, after configuring ip-allow list in Splunk cloud server it is working.


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