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We have a Splunk Cloud client who requires data to remain in the EU (Dublin or Frankfurt)

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"Splunk Cloud is primarily available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) US Virginia region. If you require your data to be co-located, there are global data centers in the US (Virginia, California, Oregon), EU (Dublin, Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), and South America (São Paulo)."

I am unable to find documentation stating the option of storing your data only in one region. Could you please help point me in the right direction to find this information.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk cloud instances are built in single regions only. They do not span multiple aws regions, unless you buy multiple instances.

I recently worked with a client with the same requirements and they chose to host their indexers and searchheads in Dublin.

I'll see if I can rustle up documentation to that effect, but I speak from experience.

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