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Dynamically compute success percentage based on value every 5 mins


Hello, I wrote the following query which calculates success percentage based on  expected 1 value every 5 mins which is 288 per day, but when it is less than a day or roll over multiple days , I need to compute the success percentage dynamically computing the expected values based on the duration divided by 5 mins and compute  success percentages, how can this be done , below is the query for 24 hrs values. Need to change dynamically based on duration so number divided will change every time

earliest = -24h index=error_log  | eventstats count as Success_Count by "Properties.QueryName" | eval Success_Percentage=round(Success_Count/288*100,2) | table Success_Percentage 

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You may use addinfo to get the current search window

earliest = -24h index=error_log 
| addinfo
| eventstats count as Success_Count by "Properties.QueryName" 
| eval divider=round((info_max_time-info_min_time)/300,0)|fields - info*
| eval Success_Percentage=round(Success_Count/divider*100,2) | table Success_Percentage 

 If you want exact 288 for 24 hours, you need to use snap to hour for latest time. i.e. if the search is executed at 10:15, value of divider would be 291 including extra 15 mins of the hour

Reference : https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SCS/current/Search/Timemodifiers

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